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De-armouring. The word says it all. De-armouring is the removal of the emotional and physical armour that we collect during life. Any kind of emotional trauma or a stressful situation is stored in the body as a cramp. And very often those cramps are not released.

In principle, yoga and de-armouring do the same: Free yourself from emotional and sometimes physical pain. They are a very nice addition to each other, which is why I am also a yoga teacher. The biggest difference is that you have to do the work yourself with yoga and with a de-armouring I help your body to let go of the pain. De-armoring also works much more effectively and deeper. I touch the pain and it transforms. You immediately feel lighter and more alive.

During the de-armouring we work with the pain body. The pain body is spread over the entire physical body and contains all the pain and trauma that we have developed since we were born. The de-armouring transforms the pain body and lets it heal. I expose the pain and hold it and invite you to breathe in and move until the energy dissolves and disappears, after which your body relaxes and integrates.

My dearmouring technique uses breath work, movement and sound. These three together form a powerful formula to rid your body of old and new pains. This works on three levels:


Your body has a memory that retains old traumas in the tissue. Big traumas from your childhood, but also subtle little things from everyday life. The body tends to hold these tensions like a cramp. The free flow of energy that flows through the body becomes blocked. This prevents us from being fully involved in life.


The emotional level is connected to the pain body. Here we store all the emotional traumas, stress and burnout that we have experienced in our lives. On an emotional level, many releases can occur during a dearmouring.


The energy body is related to your life force energy or kundalini. A dearmoring ensures that your life energy will flow better. With this you improve the relationship to yourself and sexuality, you increase your orgasmic potential and you can considerably improve the relationship with your partner.

We make armor to cover our pain, we strengthen an emotional hole through this armor. An armor is therefore a band-aid or cover for a lack of love in the body. Somewhere in our youth, our nervous system stored a memory in the body. This does not have to be linked to an event, we think in stories, but this is a bypass. It is a physical reaction that is stored in the deeper layers of our system. During a dearmouring we address the body to go back to those deeper layers.

During a de-armouring session I don’t cause pain to my clients, but I place my hand on a spot where it already hurts. That’s a big difference. I let you go through that pain and then get rid of it. If there are areas in your life that you cannot change, existing patterns and leakage in authenticity, dearmouring can be a very nice way to transform your life. Every body should sooner or later be relieved of pain, ailments, accumulated energy and stiffness, and dearmoring helps you with this.


Intake with body scan – 1.5 hours € 150
Dearmouring – 2 hours € 200