To explain what tantric dearmouring is, it is important to first explain what tantra is. Tantra is a concept that cannot easily be captured within one definition.

Tantra is an attitude to live in love, acceptance and surrender, to be free of fear, and not afraid of losing something. This means a total switch of the mind set. It is a complete internal culture change and unlocking of human potential. Tantra is the road to awareness in all facets of life.

Tantra says yes to life, to everything. It gives you the feeling that you can live fully and that everything in life can be there. Tantra teaches you that a judgment always says something about yourself and not about the other. What you see in the other always lives in yourself.

Tantra asks you to look at yourself honestly. If you open up to yourself and the other, your connection will deepen and you can start to feel life much deeper.

Tantra is a way of life based on purity and all-embracing unconditional love. Accepting everything as it comes without prejudice and thereby being able to understand others without your ego getting in the way. This allows the life energy to flow freely again.

Tantra makes no distinction between vital life energy and sexual energy. It is pure, primal and powerful and in its natural flow a source of inspiration and creative power. Sexual energy not only expresses itself in love, but manifests itself in many forms in daily life. We are invited to let go of the tenacity with which we keep our sexual energy and life energy under control and instead investigate, feel, meet, recognize and embrace.

It helps you focus your attention inward to find the divine within you. This frees you from the misconception that the key to fulfillment lies with others and emphasizes that everything you are looking for can be found in yourself.

Tantric Dearmouring

During a tantric dearmouring I use massage oil, in a regular dearmouring I don’t use oil. The tantrix dearmouring is therefore received naked. A tantric dearmouring can be external and internal. External dearmouring works with the outside of the body and exerts pressure on various points on the body. Internal dearmouring works with the parts of the body that we have access to with our fingers. The throat, the yoni, the lingam and the anus. These are the more “advanced” areas to dearmour. The deepest trauma is usually at the base of the body, ie in the hip area and around the buttocks. And these muscles are much easier to reach from within. Internal dearmouring is possible, but can only take place after a long preliminary process and in good consultation with the client.

Another difference between normal and tantric dearmouring is that during tantric dearmouring I use joy and pleasure to make the physical and emotional pain more bearable. So instead of just touching the pain, we use pleasure to increase the energy of the body. Once the energy is increased, there is no pain, there is only the intensity of the energy that flows through the body. I gradually and carefully lift the energy of the body. As far as the person wants to go. When pain and pleasure increase at the same time, the intensity is easier to tolerate and deeper release can take place.

Internal dearmouring is extremely powerful on an energetic level. On a sexual level, internal dearmouring removes huge amounts of unclean painful energy that is stored there after angry and unconscious sex. By abuse and all sorts of other reasons. So you could call this the deepest level of cleaning of your temple. A tantric dearmouring does not have to be internal, it can just be external on the body. You decide what your boundaries are.


Sessions cost €125 per hour and have a minimum duration of two hours.